Present Day San Francisco, USA
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Things were peaceful until the church, Our Light of Hope, arrived in San Francisco. The majority of humanity remains in the dark, but the Church has begun exposing the things that go bump in the night.

Now, young vampires are dying from an unknown cause. Werewolves and faerie have started to go missing. The supernatural have been exposed and are now vulnerable which has caused fighting and chaos among the races. Is it the church or has a new adversary stepped onto the stage?

The world is changing. What will be your Resolution?
What We Offer:
•••18+ setting
•••Friendly and helpful staff
•••Freedom in creativity
•••LBGT Friendly
•••Relaxed rules and atmosphere
•••Active Discord Server

Current update:

There are currently positions open for those that are willing to stay with us and fill them. We're welcoming writers to come and join us. We are 18+.

We are currently looking for staff members.

We have added some new races, there are some limited though.

There are plenty of Wanteds to jump right in.

Forum wide story as well as smaller stories are welcome.

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