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[M] dungeon's requests!


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Jan 21, 2019


about me
Hi my name is Dungeons and I have been roleplaying on and off for about 15 years. I started on a warriors cat roleplay on proboards and moved onto harry potter and fantasy/panfandom after that on the jcink servers. I love playing in any setting except real life. I exclusively play males and only do mxf pairings- sorry for the inconvenience! I love writing about 500+ long paragraph posts but could go longer and I enjoy brainstorming ideas and headcanons as we roleplay but am not against everything developing spontaneously as we go along!


Fandom Interest
I love all kinds! Some of my favs include:

Harry Potter (post-potter and riddle era)
Percy Jackson (playing with originals in here!)
The Hunger Games (again, originals pref)
The Flash (tv series i'd love to play barry and iris ship here!- note i'm only on like the second episode of this show but i'm already in love with it!)
Aquaman (my man)
Disney (personified mostly!)
The 100 (ocs or bellarke is my jam)
Once Upon a Time (i love to play peter pan in this or use an OC)
Teen Wolf (ocs pref)

Plot Ideas
I'll list some of my favorite general plots to go off of! Ships mostly: hate to love, forbidden romance, peasantxroyal, magicalxnon-magical, historical fantasy (medieval or victorian), mutant enslavement/no rights world, fake fiances, pirates (i can't think of any more but check back later!)

Posting Requirements
I'm not picky about it just don't leave me hanging for a month without letting me know what's up! And post length? Just quality over quantity if you can't match my length!


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