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ANY Darion's Request Thread [yes, very original, I know.]


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about me
Oh dear, I am never very good at these. My name is Darion, both in real life and online. I'm a single mother of one very rambunctious four-year-old, a nursing student (last semester! yay!), and...well, actually that's about that. I have been roleplaying on and off for about fifteen years now. I have a long-term roleplaying partner who is also my best friend and roommate. Um, I love video games, Kingdom Hearts is my favorite forever and ever, though I play many, many others. I watch a lot of anime, but not a lot of regular TV, other than small children's shows. Um, I like being outdoors, I walk a lot, going to start a garden this spring. I don't know, if you really want to know more about me personally, just go ahead and ask.


Fandom Interest
It should be noted that for Fandoms, I will likely use the world, but I'm pretty much going to want to stick to OCs unless we've got a pretty good plot and I feel like I really understand the character I'll be playing, but there's never any harm in asking!

Kingdom Hearts
Elder Scrolls
Legend of Zelda
How to Train Your Dragon
Harry Potter
Wheel of Time (It's been awhile since I've read, so I would have to refresh a bit)
[I will probably add more later, but I am seriously blanking on these right now. Feel free to ask if you'd like, if I have knowledge of it, I'll probably be down.]

Plot Ideas

Oh goodness gracious. My favorite part. I want to post this now and this will take me some time, so feel free to come back and look because this will definitely be updated with some stuff here soon!

Posting Requirements

I have no posting requirements! If we're in the middle of an action or dialogue sequence, to be totally honest, I expect the posts to be short so we can work off each other. Honestly, I'm much more of a quality, than a quantity writer, so unless I'm setting a scene or need to do a lot of describing, you likely won't see posts longer than a paragraph or two, simply because it doesn't make sense that your character would be still for that long and unless we've already agreed, I'm not going to move them about for you.

Notes Pertaining to Content

So obviously, I am posting this in the ANY category. I am very comfortable playing either female or male roles and I don't mind which one you would prefer. I am also comfortable playing any orientation, so that's okay with me too. What I really want to get at in this section are, well, my villains. I do play villains pretty often, but I would like for you to be upfront with me with what level of maturity you're comfortable with because when I play a villain, I will not pull punches. My villains will have motive and reason and they will not play nice just because we don't want anything bad happening to our precious little squishies.

That said! I do not condone anything any villain does! I really am a nice person and I will work with whoever my partner is to find a level we're both comfortable with.


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