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Kat never really paid attention to the the rumors that her father was not really her father and her mother only found some poor sap to take the place of her biological father. Even though she didn't entertain them, Kat couldn't help on some level but wonder if there were a tiny piece of truth especially after the sudden death of her mother. Raised by her kind father, he was always a bit strange. Always spouting nonsense about something not right with the world, that the world they lived in was merely a facade to another more sinister one. Of course Kat considered it was his way of grieving for her mother in the most odd of ways. She worried about leaving him when her own life took center but he reassured the young woman she couldn't put what she needed to do on hold for him and so Kat went on her way always making certain over the years to call him every week and visit when possible. Well after college, a new job took Kat to another city and brought a new man in her life a former detective with skeletons of his own he wanted to keep secret dealing with why he was no longer a member of the law enforcement. Although not pushing one another to reveal every aspect of their lives before they met, they make their relationship work.

Abruptly one evening Kat received a text from her father.

Come home, I need you.

Such an ambiguous text not at all like the father she knew and loved. Sure he wasn't exactly text savvy but out of the few messages she received from him over the years none worried her more than the last text he had sent over a day ago with no follow up nor answers to her frantic phone calls or voicemails. That wasn't like him and it frightened her. Hurrying to her childhood home she finds it ransacked and no sign of her father. What is in his place is some otherworldly creature of the likes she had never seen before and eyes red akin to blood. As it goes to attack her she escapes with her life to the local police station where no one appears to believe her story or care that her father is missing since it hasn't been over twenty four hours. Frustrated the only person she can turn to is her boyfriend. Explaining to him over the phone what happened he doesn't seem surprised by her encounter with the creature. In fact, he volunteers to help her search for her father while offering up why he quit his former job. He, too, had seen creatures like the one she described as did others. People came to the authorities to tell of strange creatures attacking loved ones. It got so bad that the law didn't believe them and they made a pariah out of him for choosing to believe there was more going on than met the eye.

Burned in its entirety her once peaceful elven settlement of Nyntynel in the north at the hands of soldiers from the Aulauthar kingdom under the authority of the ruthless king Olinsiver Nyvorlas whose campaign is to gain power and destroy. Countless lives young and old were lost all in the blink of an eye, her respectable people with a once welcoming nature toward humans. And being the sole survivor of the massacre, the elven woman has been taken as a captive by the soldiers as a trophy for their malevolent king. Although confined, the female's growing hatred fuels her to survive to somehow escape when the opportunity presents itself.
A soldier of Aulauthar himself, his team was nowhere near the front lines to take part in the genocide but that doesn't mean he didn't hear the horrific stories of comrades killing children. Every time they make camp on the journey home, the young man can't help but question the Leadership of his king. What was the reasoning behind such wanton violence. Each time he looks upon the surviving captive he can't help but feel remorse. Going against King Olinsiver would be forfeiting his own life still his own convictions compel him to act. One night in camp while the others are asleep he frees the elven woman. She is secretly shocked as he is for going against his kingdom. In her escape to freedom she attacks him causing a uproar among the humans. To slow their pursuit, he engages his some of his companions severing the ties between he and his kingdom. His comrades turn on him forcing him to fight for his life. Having little choice, he must kill them to manage his own escape. Into the night, the two separate individuals meet up once again the elf filled with contempt for nearly all humans and the human both of which have no home. Engaging in battle of wits, they realize if they want to remain alive they would do well to combine their efforts. They put distance between themselves and the Aulauthar forces using the wilderness as a cloak all the while arguing. Hours become a few days together. Having deliberately lead their trail in another direction, the weary pair tired and hungry have had enough of one another. The elven woman lumps him in with the other humans responsible for
Nyntynel's downfall. They fight again intending to kill one another until a lapse in judgement leads to intimacy and confusion whether they should go their separate ways or try to see what fate has in store for them together.

It is a day of days. She, the daughter of a lord of the southern lands, is arranged to marry the son of a king to the north to solidify a treaty between both lands of prosper to come.

Having never met the prince, the daughter is hesitant about sealing her fate, though, she only wishes for the greater good. While making a trip to her future husband's homeland, the caravan is attacked by ruthless Raiders whom kill all of her company.

Although she manages to elude them she is taken captive but a young man stepping from the shadows kills her would be attackers without so much as hesitation. In the fight he's injured to a degree. Grateful for the help, she aids him the best she can developing a bond of sorts and unable to deny the stress of the situation they give into primal urges. As night falls, people from the north scour the area finding the two. Among them is the prince, a mysterious one. It turns out the knight responsible for saving the woman is from the north too. He is in service to the royal family. Finding out she is the prince's future wife places him in an awkward position especially since he feels there is some bond between them. Unfortunately, the young woman marries the prince, soon to be king, while having feelings for the knight she aided.

The world was once beautiful and vibrant however it suffered immensely after the abrupt and sudden last war. The planet itself had been mortally wounded from the outside and begun to gradually die taking with it everything in its path nature and species alike. None knew what to make of the frequent natural disasters and rise in diseases. There proved no hope to save the world no matter how many tried.

Character A had been born in the time of The End when the remaining races were driven to the center of the world holed up in Amrynn the last sanctuary safe behind the cloak of the Moorlands and that of the last Iymbryl-individuals born with magic who used their abilities to shroud the castle-like city in a barrier from the roar of unnatural weather. The war had taken away the sun and gave the sky a permanent ominous gray color with swirls of black.

Character B, a young Iymbryl, remembered when many souls lived in Amrynn with everyone despite their differences depending on one another to stay alive protecting the last true home against the rage of the outside. For these two having each lived their separate lives never knowing one another within the sanctuary life went on. Hope was kept alive. As they got older the problems they were shielded from in childhood resurfaced. The population dwindled as the abilities of the Iymbryl waned and what they sought to protect the city from eventually disrupted the last haven.

One by one save for a few they fell to disease while some of the populace vanished under mysterious circumstances. Character A's mother was among the vanished having gone to bed early one evening and by next morning the bed space she shared with her husband was empty and cold to the touch as if the woman had never slept there to begin with.

With character A and B the last two left they will have to depend on one another in the dying city where there are many mysteries waiting to be solved and whether or not they truly are all that remains of mankind.

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