A Friend within the Wolf Pack


Jan 9, 2019
From within the depths of the forest, several howls echoed. A wolf merges from the trees with several of her fellow pack mates trailing behind. Two of those wolves dragging a freshly killed elk, big enough to feed the young and elderly wolves back at the den. The female wolf comes to a stop, letting the others get ahead of her. She looks over at her readers. "Oh, hello. My name is Dark3m3raldWolf. I almost didn't see you there." Glancing back at her pack mates as they were waiting for her to come and take the first bite of the dead elk before looking at her readers. "I appreciate you coming and read this post. Whether you are friend or foe is completely up to you. But hope you are more friend than foe. I really would hate to be foes when really, friends are more fun to be around." Nodding towards her pack, "I would know." Giving a kind smile before heading towards the pack and then looked over her shoulder, "Feel free to ask questions or even message me to chat." And with that, she raced towards her pack. Reaching the dead elk, the female wolf lifted her muzzle to the sky and let out a deep howl. The rest of the wolves quickly followed behind.

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